I am very confident in my ability to provide you with digital graphics that perfectly embody the musical output you worked so hard to create. Leave it up to me to dig deep into my wealth of music and art to bring your music to life through my unique skill set. I provide cover art for physical release (CD / vinyl / cassette formats), avatars for your Soundcloud / Facebook / Bandcamp etc, and event flyers for your next live show. I have been hard at work for over a decade providing musicians and labels with art that stands above the ordinary. I am also very affordable in comparison to my peers. Let me be your first choice for all your digital art needs.



name: Dino
nickname: Secret Schools
how old are you: 36
zodiac sign: Aries
current location: Wood Dale, Illinois
eye color: brown
hair color: gutter brown
hair type: human
height: 6' 3.5"
your heritage: America
what's your middle name: "Space"
shoes you wore today: Jordan III's
your weakness:  im not a good listener
your fear: dying. haha jk
have you ever ridden a mechanical bull:
do you want to:
goal you would like to achieve this year: 
first thought when you wake up:
best physical feature: mountain range
who is your bestest freind: eleni
when is your bedtime: whenever i get tired
your most cherished memory: too many
pepsi or coke: dr. pepper
mc dondalds or burgerking: chipotle
singel or group dates: depends
what is the last song you sang: stayin' alive
does playing the guitar make a girl/guy more attractive: sure
what is your biggest pet peeve: raining
do you drink: yeah
ever been drunk: yeahh
do you smoke: yeah
do you "SMOKE": yeahh
do you sing: yeah
what color underwear do you have on: purp
do you want to go to college: no
have you ever been in love: yeah
do you wnat to get married: no, i did that already
do you believe in yourself: yes, i do exist
do you believe inothers: sometimes
do you like thunderstorms: see "pet peeves" above
do you play an instrument: yes
what do you want to be when you grow up: a centenarian
what country would you like to visit: Finland
how many CD's do you own: many thousands
how many DVD's do you own: like 50
how many tattoo's do you have: 1
how many piercings do yo have: none i ripped them all out like a boss
how many things in the past do you regeret: 12

shoes: most varieties of John Varvatos Converse All-Stars
radio station: Youtube
drink: Neuro Sleep
car: Lexus SC300
place: Art Institute of Chicago
song: "Will to Love" by Neil Young
movie: Mulholland Drive
moment: this one
color: purple
meal: Blueberry Tiny Toast cereal, a good peppercorn steak

favorite eye color: green
favorite hair color: doesnt matter
short or long hair: depends
height: normal
body type: living
does ethnicity matter: cmon
piercings: sure
tattoos: sure

do you think you are attractive: like a 7 out of 10
are you attracted to someone who does not know it: no
would you like to be someones fantasy: i am
hunter or hunted: this is stupid
do you kiss with your eyes closed or open: closed, wtf
a little or a lot of tongue: lots
older or younger: than what
lights on/lights off or candle light: blacklight
do you like to cuddle after: after what, sex? yeah
do you like to cuddle in general: yes

what is todays date: June 8
what time is it: 12:15 am
who are you thinking of: myself
what are you listening to: new age cassette tapes
do you love someone: yes
do you know where your mechanical bull is: i dont have a mechBull
does someone love you: id like to think so
is it raining: yeah ugh
how many myspace friends do you have: i havent checked myspace in a while
are you happy: like 6 out of 10